Unlawful Search and Seizure

Attorney John B. Elbert provides criminal defense for a broad range of crimes, including homicide, robbers, Internet, fraud, DUI and weapons offenses. The only type of crime he doesn’t defend is child abuse. When you’re charged with a crime, there are certain rights that you are entitled to. Law enforcement must also follow all of the legal rules and proper procedures. At Pennsylvania Criminal Defense, P.C., attorney John. B. Elbert has been defending clients’ rights since 1978. He is experienced and a strong legal advocate on his clients’ behalf.

Unlawful Search & Seizure

The search-and-seizure provisions of the Fourth Amendment protect against unreasonable searches and seizures by both state and federal law authorities. The police must have probable cause to search for evidence if they think you’ve committed a crime. The judge then issues a warrant. However, there are some circumstances where the police can do a search without a warrant. If you feel that law enforcement has done an unlawful search and seizure, turn to attorney John B. Elbert for legal help. He’ll investigate the circumstances to determine the legality of the search and seizure.

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